Camp Network

Camp Network

What is Camp Network?

Camp Network is building the future for on-chain consumers.

We are a modular L2, focused specifically across the entertainment, media, music and gaming verticals, that leverages off-chain data to help apps increase their monetization and go-to-market strategies. Using our L2, users can carry their “digital backpacks”, which consists of their off-chain identity layer primarily from social and streaming apps - where users' identities really are.

The result is a differentiated, next-gen level of engagement data that apps building on top of our L2 have the ability to access, which ultimately reduces customer acquisition costs and increases customer retention.

Why Camp?

Engagement data is one of the most valuable datasets that is also incredibly hard to track. dApps built on the Camp Network are allowed to access this data while leveraging zk to preserve user privacy and ultimately ensure user ownership over their data.



What is a Web3 Wallet?

A Web3 wallet enables interactions with the blockchain by handling your private and public keys, making it possible to transact digital assets and monitor balances. It's important to protect your private key because losing it equates to losing your money. Always download your wallet from official or reputable sources.

Since Camp Network is built on Optimism, it supports all Ethereum wallet providers. Some common options are:

You can read more about Ethereum wallets here.

How to Connect to Camp Network?

As Camp Network is in private testnet, you will need to manually add the network to your wallet. To do so, follow these steps (written for MetaMask - but generally applicable here as well):

  1. Open 'Settings'

  2. Click on 'Networks'. This will display a list of networks that you've added already.

  3. Click 'Add network'

  4. MetaMask will open in a new tab in fullscreen mode. From here, find the 'Add a network manually' button at the bottom of the network list.

Complete the fields with the information pasted below the screenshot and click 'Save' to add the network.

Here are the corresponding fields for Camp Network:


Since Camp Network is a roll-up, it uses Ether as its native currency. Camp also supports bridging assets onto the L2 via its native bridge, powered by Superbridge. You can access this bridge here:


You can access testnet tokens via our faucet, linked below. We’ve included a CAPTCHA to prevent spammed requests.

Data Access

Fan data is encrypted and stored on Arweave through a standard symmetric encryption method. The decryption key is held by a decentralized application (dApp) named campAuth, which grants access through its smart contracts. Developers looking to access their data must use their wallet to interact with campAuth.

The smart contracts within campAuth verify if the developers hold a sufficient balance of $CAMP tokens. Once the required amount of $CAMP token is confirmed, it is temporarily locked, and the developers are then granted access to their data.

For developers to retrieve the encrypted data, they can use a specific endpoint provided by the system.

The dApp endpoint is currently in development. We will post the endpoint here when it is ready.

  "_id": {
    "$oid": "652dbd86300789d295a76b0a"
  "walletAddress": "0x527d86064Fe3c6b91c472243d83E926BfC6Af607",
  "provider": "email",
  "brandIds": [
  "playedTracks": [],
  "savedAlbums": [],
  "savedPlaylist": [],
  "joinConsent": false,
  "isVerified": true,
  "youtubeAuth": false,
  "discordAuth": false,
  "createdAt": {
    "$date": "2023-10-16T22:47:36.347Z"
  "updatedAt": {
    "$date": "2023-12-28T18:39:03.547Z"
  "__v": 0

Network Information

Camp is currently in testnet and being used for testing and development purposes. Camp is an Optimistic rollup built on Ethereum and powered by Conduit.


Smart Contract Addresses:

  "SystemConfig": "0x651ED1D029Fe83D221625dc146D2271E53c285a5",
  "SystemConfigProxy": "0x10e513373BD262C137F9E733F9b9399f348D9383",
  "L2OutputOracleProxy": "0xFF05153410A1Cc0BcfbDdbfd4F604529F47fa137",
  "OptimismPortal": "0x59a7e5ea0904acabae091890575B6815AC4Bb7DE",
  "OptimismMintableERC20FactoryProxy": "0x393Ea1FcD3fe374Cf73b80972140EC50C2afeC59",
  "L1StandardBridgeProxy": "0xA0b2B299E8083ac428EfDFC56A6360A4A95Ea345",
  "L2OutputOracle": "0xf0cEBC017fBeA149f69A69a605f6398C3823B083",
  "L1CrossDomainMessengerProxy": "0x5F8403cfAda2c58Ae2AdccbaaA983D48160e4b57",
  "AddressManager": "0x1d87A435877aC8879BB0F1e9E24D7089392Cd26f",
  "L1CrossDomainMessenger": "0x5fbCcdf9dFf1898381738CD329434be6E0aE4805",
  "ProxyAdmin": "0xad72fF7329f199fdF72CF0A2e1DDFe3a847AF862",
  "L1ERC721BridgeProxy": "0xB40789d6672014b5ad5c0541B13547328EcC7071",
  "OptimismPortalProxy": "0x616a3E55a20dD54CC9fBb63D8333D89c275c9D90",
  "OptimismMintableERC20Factory": "0x91fE146Fa2B9A91a6142DA958599707CC96FDD8C",
  "L1StandardBridge": "0x6b5274e69AE6f8799204951be9058349A603c44F",
  "L1ERC721Bridge": "0xA666D2c943Cbd8Df5A590eCB96f62b11d82e4a77"

Block Explorer

For our testnet, we're using Blockscout. The Camp testnet explorer can be found here:

Blockscout offers tools for viewing and interacting with the network:

  • View, verify, and interact with smart contract source code

  • View transaction information

  • View block information

  • View account information


Since Camp is powered by Conduit, it’s extremely easy to spin up a node and contribute to a validator. We recommend having at least 16GB of RAM and 200GB of storage space on your machine.

Simply download the following files:

Slug: campaign-l2-test

rollup.json: rollup.json

genesis.json: genesis.json

And then follow the steps outlined here:


If you encounter any issues, please reach out to

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